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Cana Land & Farm Co.
Website Case Study

‚Äč Cana Land and Farm Website


When I was first approached by Sean McCashin, owner of Cana Land & Farm, he had a very out of date, non-responsive, HTML website that no longer served or accurately represented his business. The site contained information and content that was no longer applicable to his business, photos that were small and low quality, and very little regard for user experience. Text and content margins were in some cases non-existant, and the navigation menu was particularly difficult to use on smaller screens such as those found on tablets and phones.

Skills and Technologies Utilized:


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Responsive, Mobile-First Design
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • PHP


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Bridge

Project Goals

  • Create a mobile-first, responsive layout for website that would scale for use on phones, tablets, laptop, and desktop monitors.
  • Increase user experience with implementation of drop down menu in mobile view of site.
  • Update content and remove irrelevant existing content including text, images, and links
  • Improve visual content with photo retouching.
  • Improve readability of text with cleaner layouts and text margins.
  • Increase user connectability with implementation of a direct contact form and addition of a google map showing location of farm.


Cana Land and Farm Website Home Page Before Re-Design Cana Land and Farm Website Farm Page Before Re-Design Cana Land and Farm Website Location Page Before Re-Design Cana Land and Farm Website Mobile View Before Re-Design

Improvements Made

  • Need for horizontal scrolling based on screen size eliminated
  • Need for "pinching and zooming" in order to use navigation on smaller screens eliminated
  • Creation and implementation of contact form using PHP set up to forward messages to Sean's email account directly from the web page, eliminating the need for his potential customers to copy his email address from the page, open their own email accounts, paste, and compose emails to reach him.
  • Creation of JQuery photo gallery with re-sized photos to display photos in a more aesthetically pleasing and user friendly way.
  • Creation of cleaner overall layout, up to date information, reader friendly margins and spacing, and addition of user experience enhancing features, such as a clickable Google Map showing location of farm.


The before and after photos of this site speak for themselves. Cana Land & Farm can now boast a modern, responsive website that will help them reach their customers, help their customers reach them, and provide an easy to use experience that will keep those customers coming back. The website now relates the professional, high quality image that Sean has worked to create in his business and it's operations.

Thanks again, this [the site] looks better than I could have imagined!

Sean McCashin - Cana Land and Farm Co., Mocksville, NC