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Cana Land and Farm Website

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Thanks again, this [the site] looks better than I could have imagined!

-Sean McCashin-Owner, Cana Land & Farm Co.

Little Queen Heart Tribute Band Website

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If you're thinking about getting some webwork done, you need to talk to Rachel Brandsness. I'm used to people developing layouts for stuff and then handing them off to me, and then I fix all their mistakes and drop all of our database-driven stuff into it - Rachel whipped out our new website, and it was a breeze to integrate - it looks great (I had an agent tell me it looked like a 'very expensive website'), scales, and didn't require any fixing at all. Really good work.

Rachel is pretty fabulous at this stuff, and she's using current tech (advanced css, divs, etc. I still use Tables, but I'm a loser) that works on handhelds and across all major browsers.

If you need some web stuff done, get with Rachel. You'll thank me.

-Sean Harrison-Coldfusion Developer, Owner - SmashingIT, Band Leader - Little Queen

Conduit Corporation Website

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Website of Journalist Mary McCashin

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Rachel is the best! She takes care of so much and made creating my website the easiest thing in the world. She’s quick to update things and is great with communicating about changes and updates. Definitely a worthwhile investment.

-Mary McCashin, Journalist

iTrials Website

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Rachel Brandsness Guitarist Website

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Clients Include:
  • Cana Land & Farm Co.
  • Western Lifestyle Journalist, Mary McCashin
  • Soundcheck Nashville
  • Soundcheck Austin
  • Soundcheck Houston
  • Crew 1 Productions
  • Conduit Corporation
  • iTrials/Provisio
  • Reckless - 80's Tribute Band
  • Little Queen - The Music of Heart
  • Capricorn Sound Works - Recording Studio
  • Rockin' Peace Ranch
  • Brandsness Brandsness & Rudd, Attorneys at Law
  • RCGA Lights
  • Hope 4 You Ministries
  • Franklin Krav Maga
  • And more...

Graphics and Visuals

  • Franklin Krav Maga Logo Logo Creation:
    Franklin Krav Maga
  • Fit to Eat Nutrition Logo Logo Design:
    Fit to Eat Nutrition
  • Rachel Mac Revival and Heart Shirt Graphic Graphic Creation:
    Rachel Mac + The Revival
  • Rachel Mac Store Images Merchandise Graphic Creations & Photo Editing:
    Rachel Mac + The Revival Official Web Store
  • Promotional Poster for Rachel Mac + The Revival 'New Orleans' Music Video Promotional Poster Creation - Photography and Layout:
    Rachel Mac + The Revival - New Orleans Official Music Video
  • Rachel Mac Revival Album Cover Graphic Design:
    Rachel Mac + The Revival "Stages" Album Cover Art
  • Andrew WIlliams, Guitarist, Portrait Photography:
    Portrait of Guitarist, Andrew Williams
  • Bording Pass for Soundcheck Nashville Star Wars Christmas Party Graphic Design:
    Soundcheck Nashville Star Wars Themed Christmas Party Boarding Pass/Ticket
    *See Footer*
  • RCGA Lights Homepage Graphic Design & Photography:
    RCGA Lights Website Homepage
  • Crew One Logo Reconstruction Logo Alteration & Reconstruction from .jpg into Vector:
    Crew One Productions
  • Double Exposure of Woman and Forrest Photo Manipulation:
    Double Exposure Effect
  • Cathedral Art Concept Graphic Design & Photo Manipulation:
    Album Concept Art


All videos were shot on a single hand-held camera and edited in Adobe Premier Pro, with the exception of the last video animation, which was created using Adobe After Effects.

Clients Include:
  • Fit to Eat Nutrition
  • RCGA Lights
  • Rockin' Peace Ranch
  • Crew One Productions
  • Libby Bruno, Realtor, Nashville, TN
  • Soundcheck Nashville
  • Reckless - 80's Tribute Band
  • Little Queen - The Music of Heart
  • Franklin Krav Maga
  • Rachel Mac + The Revival
  • Wait For The Ricochet - A Tribute to Deep Purple
  • And more...